polynauten Launches Triple Trouble Monster Puzzle Game on iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

Posted by on Mar 28, 2012

polynauten Launches Triple Trouble Monster Puzzle Game on iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

Triple Trouble 

Monster Puzzle Game Lands on iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

Click here to download the Triple Trouble Press Release Package (Press Release Material incl. Media - ZIP Package)

(Hamburg, Germany) – April 5, 2012 – polynauten, an independent development studio creating innovative mobile games and interactive applications, today introduced Triple Trouble, a fun filled casual game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that comes alive in a crazy, colorful world full of cute little monsters known as Triples. With 12 beautiful settings and 48 evolving backgrounds, players of all ages are challenged to complete a variety of surprising skill challenges and out-of-this-world obstacles to score points and master more complex levels.

The Triple Trouble story tells of a star exploding above the Triples‘ beloved planet Trigalax, which created a huge swirling vortex that sucked up all of its inhabitants, sending them onto a strange new planet in a parallel universe. Lost and scattered all over this incredible new world, the Triples have been struggling to find ways to get back home. Faced with tricky puzzles and even tougher challenges, Triples must join together to combine their special powers so they can be teleported back to their home world.

In the game, players are challenged with ever-popular match-3 game mechanics, a realistically reacting world of fans, springs and moving objects, as well as a simple, easy-to-use launch mechanism to fling three or more Triples of the same color into different areas of the puzzle so they ‘connect’ with one another. Only by doing so can players help the Triples come together to get back home.

“Players who love match-3 game mechanics, puzzles, and skill games will not be able to put this new iOS title down,”saidHagenGottschalck,CEO,polynauten. “TripleTroubleoffersplayersthefreedomtoachieve combinations through his or her own skills, not just by combining three or more elements.“


Pricing & Availability

The Triple Trouble App is available for $.99 (iPhone and iPod touch) and $1.99 (iPad) respectively from the App Store, or at www.itunes.com/apps/polynautencom.


Additional information

polynauten received generous support for the development of this game from gamecity:Hamburg, an initiative by the City of Hamburg to foster the games industry.


Press Contact:

James Little

PR for polynauten jameslittle14@gmail.com


Sean Angus

PR for polynauten sangus@p2mconsulting.net





press release (pdf)
press release (doc)

fact sheet (pdf)

reviewers guide (pdf)








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