About polynauten

polynauten is an independent development studio based in Hamburg, Germany creating innovative mobile games and interactive applications.  With the mantra that games are meant to be fun, all with appealing graphics, well-engineered technology, and highly engaging game mechanics, polynauten is all about developing fresh ideas and exceptional projects.  A team of creative designers, artists and software engineers, each focusing on the successful interaction of creativity, arts and technology, we constantly strive to make advances in the digital world never seen before!

Hagen Gottschalck

studied at the drama and media department at the Justus Liebig University and achieved his diploma in 1998. After finishing his studies he toured with a German-British performance-group through Europe and worked free-lance as author and director for several film productions. 2001 he founded his own film production, the hagenfilm gmbh.
After studying Game Design he founded together with Timo thepolynauten - an independent development studio for innovative games and interactive applications.

Timo Storjohann

grew up with Zak McKracken and PacMan. Point & click adventures are still his true passion. Back in the the nineties, he made his first experciences with 2D and 3D graphics on a breathtaking 286 processor with VGA graphics. Despite this adversities, he achieved his diploma as information scientist in Hamburg.

Whilst studying he worked as a freelancer for various companies with a wide range of jobs: development of multimedia-applications, interface design for industrial machines and database-applications.

Since his degree he is working freelance as webdesigner and programmer. Besides graphic design, his special interests are self-learning systems and artificial intelligence.

Therefore it was consequential to explore unknown, digital worlds, together with the polynauten.